Nude or Lewd: TSA Still Fighting

The court has decided more than once that stripping in protest of TSA’s naked scans is protected by freedom of speech.  If they force you to expose your naked body to complete strangers, how can you be prosecuted for doing it voluntarily?

But a court decision hasn’t stopped America’s Transportation Security System from trying the same action twice.

John E. Brennan stripped in protest in Portland, Oregon, and the court decided his action was legal.  But TSA hasn’t given up, and is now accusing him of having broken their rules that passengers cannot “interfere with, assault, threaten, or intimidate” TSA screeners.

He and his attorney plan to appeal the sanction on Tuesday.

I Have a New Niece

my_niece's_new_daughterYes, I have a new niece which I think is terrific.  She was born Saturday night, May 4, several days later than expected, and weighed in at over 8 lbs.  Mama (who is also my niece) and baby are doing fine.

I have well over a dozen “official” nieces and nephews and a handful of others who call me uncle.  It’s a family thing, I suppose–my father had a great number of people, most of them not related, who called him “Grandpa.”

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Boston Bombing or Texas Heroism: Choose One

Most people choose a terrorist bombing over people facing death to save others.  As least that’s the conclusion of Margaret Rose Dominado writing for  She said she found a billion hits on Google for the bombing in Boston compared to a little over a hundred thousand for the explosion in West, Texas.

To be fair, we don’t know what search terms she used.  It’s highly unlikely she checked to see if every one of those links was actually related to the April 18th fertilizer plant explosion or to the April 15th explosions at the Boston Marathon.  And certainly Boston is much better known nationally than the small town of West.

But reports do say 15 people died in Texas, five of them firefighters, while 3 people were killed in Boston.  The number of injured was about the same.  But the West explosion and fire damaged or destroyed about 150 buildings including a school, a nursing home, and a 50-unit apartment complex.  Buildings as far as seven miles away had their windows blown out.  From over 20 miles away, Alden Loveshade heard a metal barn rattle.

Something they don’t have in common is that the cause of the fire that led to the West explosion is not yet known.  It’s also not know if Texnas’ Governor Perry-proclaimed low regulations are partially to blame for the explosion as referenced in a highly controversial Sacramento Bee cartoon by John Ohman.

Another critical thing they don’t have in common is that several of the people killed in West were first responders.  They came to put out a fire in a facility known to house highly explosive chemicals.  They risked their lives to save others.  Shouldn’t that be the bigger story?

Read Dominado’s opinion at

See the cartoon and Ohman’s response to criticism at

Thanks to Herr Bookmonger for bringing Dominado’s story to our attention.