California Prisoner Hunger Strike and Evil America

Guard delivering meal to prisoner in solitary confinement. Photo by Kilho Park.

The United States of America has the highest incarceration rate in the world.  The odds of a random American being in prison or jail are almost five times that of a citizen of England or Wales. Either Americans are more evil than everyone else, or something is seriously wrong with its judicial and prison system.

The California hunger strike against cruel prison condition, including prolonged solitary confinement, is in its second week.  Negotiations have begun, but have been made more difficult.  Once again, California has banned Marilyn McMahon, executive director of California Prison Focus, from fulfilling her position as a mediator.  She and another civil rights attorney were banned during the hunger strike in 2011.  The ban was eventually lifted with no reason given.  Now they’ve banned other lawyers from visiting prisoners.

The Geneva Conventions declared decades ago that solitary confinement was unacceptably cruel.  The US Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prisons said in 2006 it should be ended.  Yet decades later the United States still practices this.

Most inmate in solitary confinement are mentally ill or are there because of minor offenses. I personally know a man who was put in solitary because he was mentally ill and wasn’t getting help.  A person rarely if ever gets put in solitary because of a crime, but because of problems they have once they’re locked up.

Most people are incarcerated because of minor or drug offenses.  And some of them are in solitary.  If you got caught smoking pot or being physically intimate with a person of the same sex back when people could get years for those offenses, you could be one of them.

See a petition to end unnecessary long-term solitary confinement here (

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The photo was made by a employee of the federal government while on duty and thus is in the public domain.

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Goodbye Kenny and Zack Anderson

Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson

We welcome guest commentator Mindy Spears.

Kenny Anderson and his son Zack Anderson were motorcycle riding on July 4 in Venus, Texas. Suddenly, there was a crash and they were gone.

Kenny was only 39 years old and Zack only 21.

Kenny was a welder who built his body as well as his welding. When Kenny walked in, you knew it. He had a very strong presence, both physically and by personality. If he was going to do something he was going to it.

But he was also protective. If you knew Kenny, you didn’t have to worry because he would protect you.

He also loved kids with both kids and grandkids. Zack was his son even though Kenny didn’t meet Mellanie, Zack’s mother, until she was already carrying Zack. But Kenny loved his boy, and Zack loved Kenny.

Zack Anderson

Zack Anderson

Zack was an animal lover like me. He loved getting fish and had a lot of them. He experimented with different combinations, and sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes I wished he didn’t experiment so much, but sometimes you don’t learn unless you experiment. Zack was a person who learned by doing, just like his dad.

But Zack was also nice and polite. He respected women and his elders. He wanted to have fun and wanted other people to have fun too.

His body was a canvas, and it seemed he was always getting a new tattoo. He altered his ears too, but his heart stayed loving.

He had a son, Liam, who’s two years old. He loved Liam very much, for like his dad he loved kids.

I miss you both.

Memorial services are scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday, July 8, 2013. They will be held at Crosier-Pearson Cleburne Funeral Home Chapel at 512 North Ridgeway Dr. in Cleburne, Texas, 76033.

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