My Mom in Hospital

My mother has had quite a go of it.  She had a heart attack, open heart surgery, follow-up surgery to correct problems from the first surgery, then got major bleeding from a tear caused during the follow-up surgery.

She’s recovering in the hospital, slowly.

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Zero Tolerance: Show Your Team Number, Get Suspended

Number 3 showing number 3. Result: automatic suspension.

Zero tolerance = no tolerance = intolerance.

From Janet Hightower, mother of Dontadrian:

“Earlier this year, my son posed for a school photo holding up three fingers—just like in the photo you see here.

“It was a harmless gesture, but when school administrators saw the photo, they interpreted it as a gang sign. Rather than speak with my son to find out the truth, the school suspended him and nearly kicked him out of school.”

If we had Zero Tolerance for adults, anyone arrested would be convicted.  No explanation would be allowed.  There would be no trial by jury and no possibility of being found not guilty.

We don’t allow this in America for adults, so why do we do it to our children?

You can sign a petition at:

Photo from the ACLU website and is used here with no threat to copyright intended in order to illustrate the issue.

 Any opinion expressed by an individual member of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily express the views of the whole family.