Reverend Loveshade and Ms. M.C.: Baby Two

All names in this entry are Discordian names.

Once again, it’s a baby! Ms. M.C. gave birth to Wunderkätzchen at 17:38 hours Thursday, 12 June 2014. Wunderkätzchen (Kitty for short) weighed in at 3,858 grams (8.5 lbs) and was 52.2 cm long (20.55 inches). Both Mommy and Baby are doing great.  Daddy, who worries too much, is recovering — but quicker than from the birth of their first daughter. Twinkleton is already wanting to help her younger sister.  They didn’t think they’d get the same midwife as for their first, but at the last minute Nurse Velvet Hands became available. Untroubled Teen V (remember, all these names are their Discordian names), Ms. MC’s 15-year-old sister, helped with the birth which was at their commune.

Congratulations to the family!

Thanks to Produnis for taking the photo which is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation and the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Edited 18 August 2014

19 thoughts on “Reverend Loveshade and Ms. M.C.: Baby Two

  1. Congratulations on the baby, although I could do with a much less explicit picture. Babies are a gift from God who knew us before we were born.

  2. Wonderful news Revy Love and Ms. MC and Twinkles. So happy everyone’s doing well.

    Another life has begun, and with it yours will change forever. Enjoy the path and the journey you’re now going through together.


  3. This is awesome! A new baby!

    Now go buy some more diapers!

  4. That’s beautiful! Wonderful! Great you’re all doing well!

  5. Another life enters the world of earth, and the world of The Loveshade Family, extended.

    As a friend, hearty congratulations. As an unofficial uncle, let Twinkleton help. Then the baby will be the family’s baby and not the new one who’s stealing all the attention. My parents did that with me, and it worked really well. I helped take care of my baby, so there was no reason for jealousy.

    • The couple are so blessed to have two wonderful girls. I’m sorry I did not get to meet you, Sister Creamy, during Shamlicon but I’m glad your group had a wonderful time. If you ever want to visit you’re still welcome. I cannot sadly have children but am blessed with some terrific nieces and nephews.

  6. I so love Reverend Loveshade and everything “e” does. Revy Love is the five-pointed star to so many of us girls and his girls are so fantastically lucky to have Love as a father!

  7. Wondering where your commune is. I travel around a lot.

    • Thanks for asking. Reverend Loveshade and the other commune members have decided that, for privacy and security, the location of their commune will not be posted online but only shared with very close friends. The Rev has received various threats, some possibly serious, and is looking out for the safety of es friends and family.

  8. I want your baby. Not the ones you have but another. Email me. 😉

  9. I just changed Kitty to Wunderkätzchen which is her official Discordian name. And they said Untroubled Teen is Untroubled Teen V even though there wasn’t any IV!

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