What’s THE Ideal Woman’s Body Type?

Photo linked from Dailymail.co.uk

What is the one body type for women that everybody agrees on? You may have guessed there isn’t one. So why try being something you aren’t?

See the Buzzfeed video Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History.

See The Evolution of the Perfect Female Body.

And for men and women, can you guess the sport by the shape of the Olympian’s body?

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9 thoughts on “What’s THE Ideal Woman’s Body Type?

  1. There is no ideal body type for women or for men. Whatever works is way cool

    • Right on Vernon! Fashion designers shouldn’t tell us what we should look like.

  2. Those women are all beautiful and all great athletes! Their bodies must be nearly perfect to go that far and they look so very different. And we don’t have to all be athletes! Body acceptance is so very important. We are who we are!

  3. This is so right. Nobody should tell me how I should look!

  4. This is so important for women and that means teens too. I spent years worrying my breasts were too small and my butt too big. For whom? I finally accepted that if my body is healthy it is good.

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