Sex is Like a Cup of Tea

How is having sex like having a cup of tea? If they wanted tea last week, does that mean they want it now? What if they wanted it an hour ago? What if they asked for it when they were awake, but now they’re asleep? Watch this (clean) video to find out.


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15 thoughts on “Sex is Like a Cup of Tea

  1. I like that video and think it makes some good points as far as it goes. Of course it doesn’t cover everything. What if you want to give the person a cup of tea and they want you to give it to them but the law says you can’t? Or you both want tea but your or their sother doesn’t want you drinking it together? And there’s the issue of is it OK to give a cup of tea to someone who’s very drunk (we might think of it as a cup of coffee, something people traditionally push on people who are drunk). And there’s the flip side of someone who does give consent to certain activity to their partner even when they’re sleeping but wouldn’t want them pouring a cup of tea into their sleeping mouth. But as far as the video goes, I think it makes some good points. And as for tea parties….

  2. It does make some very good points. I like my tea hot.

  3. I like to add a pickle to a cup of hot and wet tea.

  4. If a guy wants to give you a cup of tea, make sure he uses a tea bag.

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