Intermittens: In the Beginning


Intermittens: In the Beginning (issue 11)

Intermittens, the Discordian magazine, is back after a five-year hiatus with “In the Beginning!” And it’s FREE!

*Tom Thornley talks about his brother Kerry Thornley for the first time!
*Kerry pulls a terrible Jake on Tom when Kerry’s dead!
*Alden Loveshade interviews Brenton Clutterbuck for Chasing Eris!
*Secrets of the Early Church of the SubGenius!
*”The Myth of Kopyleft” by Johnny Shellburn!
*Rare Discordianisma never before seen online!


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19 thoughts on “Intermittens: In the Beginning

  1. I saw this issue. This is going to make a lot of SubGenii and Discordians very angry. Probably good to shake them up.

    • Considering the history of many of the people involved, people getting angry seems pretty likely. There was actually some controversy and calls for cutting material from the issue before it even appeared. It likely will shake things up, at least for a bit.

    • I agree. It’s one of those ironies that a group that starts as independent and establishment-challenging will, over time, become its own interdependent establishment. That’s happened with the Church of the SubGenius and, in a more spread out way as it doesn’t have an actual hierarchy, the Discordians.

      It happens even in political history. The American Republican Party was once the young upstart, establishment-challenging, civil rights party. It’s hard to imagine now.

    • Many of the modern SubGenii have strong objections to anyone writing about early Church history.

      Some have challenged the historical basis for some of the people in the issue such as Richard Marshall, Gypsie Skripto, and The Midget.

      And I imagine the inclusion of the Erotic Minority Liberation Front, a preteen Whore of Babylon, and a piece on childhood masturbation would upset some people.

      • The confusion over Gypsie Skripto is easy to understand. Greg was inspired to imagine what that very real little girl he knew and held on his lap so many years ago would be like when she grew up. That became the fictional Gypsie. I’m afraid the fictional version is more exciting than the real one.

  2. I find it an excellent issue. I made a very small contribution, much smaller than Alden’s excellent interview with Brenton Clutterbuck.

    I especially like Johnny Shellburn’s piece on Kopyleft.

    I am thinking about doing a special issue using my interviews with James Richard Marshall, but will see if I can get more information and photos from the family.

  3. Could somebody please remove my duplicate posts? The one I want to keep that speaks of possible objections is the more complete one under Pet Girl. Thanks.

  4. You and have seriously got the people at the PeeDee Cabal absolutely pissed off. Pretty funny.

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