Stop the Church of the SubGenius!

Slacking Towards Bethlehem is a “fake news” propaganda documentary under development. It blasphemously claims Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Philo Drummond, and Dr. X founded the Church of the SubGenius instead of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and Constance Marsh “Connie” Dobbs!

The documentary is currently being funded on Kickstarter. If the Church doesn’t meet its goal, it receives nothing.

All True SubGenii, and those who want to be, should go there and fund the project–until it’s 1 cent short. Then stop donating! This will destroy the project, and humiliate the Church. The project ends Wed, November 8 2017 17:00 hrs UTC, so donate by then and STOP THE NEW CHURCH!

An opinion of a member of associate of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily reflect the views of the whole family.

31 thoughts on “Stop the Church of the SubGenius!

  1. I keep trying to see if all of us at the last X-Day will be in it! I’ll donate when I get my check! 😛

  2. In case you missed this, Miley, the Church of the SubGenius thanked you.

    “Thanks for the shoutout on SubGenius Wikia Clench!

    “We need ALL the Card-Carrying SubGenius Ministers we can get to help us spread the word and make our film a reality!!”

    The Church of the SubGenius–A Documentary

  3. Miley Spears is FAKE NEWS! The Church kicked you out so shut the f*** up!

    (One word was censored–please see our Posting Policy–TLF)

  4. If you want to stop this group, I honestly believe you’re going about it the wrong way. This may actually encourage people to support it.

    There is only one true God, and it is not Bob.

    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

  5. Or is funding it actually what you’re trying to do?

  6. Love the irony. Telling people NOT to donate! Going to defy you now and chip in a few bucks. 😀

  7. SO MUCH for your IDIOTIC claims you support the TRUE CHURCH! When the X-ISTS come, which THEY WILL, you’re going to be left behind to burn with the rest of the PINKS! I’ll be looking out my window laughing to SEE YOU DIE!

  8. Только у меня бывает что иногда просыпаются филосовские мысли? Вы о чём-нибудь таком вы думаете?

  9. Hadn’t heard about this. Cool! Going there now to donate for “Bob!”

  10. Why are so many SubGeniuses idiots? Don’t you get this whole schism thing with SubGenius Wiki Clench and the Church Authorities is a publicity-grabbing stunt? You don’t get the church makes up schisms? It’s all crap. Stang, Drummond, they’re on in on this. Miley and other other clench girl Pope Hilde are nothing but attention-grabbing groupies doing what they’re told. If you didn’t get it before, you should hell have got with the Stephen Pollack is a SubGenius scam.

    You aren’t subgeniuses if you believe this is real, you’re submorons.

  11. One way to make yourself look really stupid is to admit you don’t know what a post on your own blog is about. But I admit I don’t know what this post on my own blog is about.

    From what I read, The Church of the SubGenius just started funding The Beacon Project a few days ago–and now this? What it’s all about, Alfie?

    • Urinulu this is for you too.

      It’s an unfortunate bit of mistiming and miscommunication. Funding plans for The Beacon Project and the Documentary were going on at the same time, but the planners were unaware of what the others were doing.

      K’taden Legume, who started The Beacon Project, is still continuing with a fundraiser, but has distanced himself and the project from the Church.

  12. This is great. Your clench’s one of the few that truly understands what being a SubG is all about. I’ll support it!

  13. Мы должны остановить церковь ниже гений сейчас!

  14. I’ll be honest. So many SubGenius are powerless people, powerless, trying to be powerful like me. They all want to be like me.

    They have no real Twitter power like I do, so they go to Facebook groups and ban you people. I respect you, I really do. But many SubGenius are afraid of the bullies, very afraid, so they join with the Fake News bullies and not with you. Sad.

  15. Thanks for the support!

    (Note: We have not verified if this is the Rev. Ivan Stang who co-founded The SubGenius Foundation, the Ivan Stang who edits, or a different Ivan Stang.)

  16. Pile o sockpuppets get upset they ain’t in the film.

    If that don’t tickle my schadenfreude, I don’t know what will.

  17. Nobody gave you the right to talk about the Church! So shut up!

  18. The truth about my great-grandfather and great-grandmother must be preserved. They founded the Church, not Stand and Drummond.

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