Reverend Loveshade and Ms. M.C. and Baby Three


Big three-year-old sister holding newborn baby brother.

All names in this entry are Discordian names.

It’s baby number three! Ms. M.C. gave birth to Cobbraven at 19.54 UTC Tuesday, 26 Dec. 2017. Cobbraven weighed in at 3,855 grams (8.5 lbs.) and was 51.8 cm long (20.4 inches).  Mommy and Baby are doing great.  Daddy, who worried tremendously over the birth of baby one, and a lot over baby two, has almost gotten used to Ms. M.C. giving birth.  Almost. Older sisters Twinkleton and Wunderkätzchen are ready, willing, and able to help their new brother. The family didn’t get the same midwife as for their first two offspring, but got great help from Nurse Aislebeth. Once again, Untroubled Teen V, Ms. MC’s 18-year-old sister, helped with the birth which was at Roseneteeth Commune. UTV, who plans to become a midwife in four years or so, has already helped at all three of the couple’s births (starting when age 12) and several other births.

Congratulations to the family!

תהלה הרץ shot the photo which is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

21 thoughts on “Reverend Loveshade and Ms. M.C. and Baby Three

  1. If you won’t have my baby, please, can I have yours?

  2. Congratulations to the family, their birth team, and to their newest member. Having the older siblings help with the youngest goes a long way toward preventing jealousy and helps build strong bonds. Again, congratulations!

  3. I’m happy to hear about your new arrival! May your days be happy and your future bright!

  4. Another Loveshade child enters the world. Chaos is increased, and Order takes notice. Congratulations.

  5. Such an incredible baby I helped bring in. And such understanding parents. There’s nothing greater than being a midwife!

  6. Fantastic! With three kids, are you still thinking about making kids books? I’m thinking about making an instructive website for kids. Will possibly start with publishing interesting facts such as”Representations of butterflies are seen in Egyptian frescoes at Thebes, which are 3,500 years old.” Might have links to other kids resources, including Shamlicht Kids Club. Please let me know if you’re interested.

  7. Congrats to the family on their new little sucker! At least you spread out diaper changing!

  8. OMG another f***ing Loveshade? God if you have any mercy at all, sterilize the whole f***ing bunch now!

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  9. Congratulations, that’s marvelous! I helped name your first kid, I wonder who named this one? I hope someday you come back to this side of the pond and visit us!

  10. I helped birth all three babies now. It’s a wonderful job!

  11. Three babies with the same mother? You need another Mommy, Daddy. Text me.

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  12. Thanks for the messages everybody (well, most of you). Everybody in the family is doing well. One of our dogs has a sore foot, but other than that we’re good. Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

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