School Says Girls Can’t Say No

Girls were not allowed to choose who they danced with at a school dance. (This photo is a substitute for the original which was removed by the publisher; this photo does not depict the school; see details below).

A Utah girl told her mother she couldn’t refuse if a boy asked her to dance at a Valentine’s Day event at her school. The mother complained to her Kanesville Elementary school principal because telling a sixth grade girl she couldn’t say no to a boy is a terrible message. The principal said that’s the policy, and the preteen girl had to do what the boys wanted.

It applies to both boys and girls. What happens if they say no, will they be punished? None of the preteens can say no. Is this 2018 or 1958?

Schools decision to refuse girls right to say no if boys ask them to dance, challenged by pupil’s parent

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13 thoughts on “School Says Girls Can’t Say No

  1. I appreciate Miley’s concerns. Unlike apparently most Americans, I believe each functioning human being should have the primary right to decide what’s done to es body. (This is with the exception of a person who is unable to make decisions in regard to personal health and safety; for example, a five-year-old who wants to eat only cake and ice cream. Then I believe the legal caretakers have primary responsibility).

    However, to me this dance-with-anyone-who-asked issue may not be as clear cut of an issue as it appears. It is not forcing girls to date boys they don’t want to go out with, but to have boys and girls participate with other students in a school activity. By the article, the principal said the school is emphasizing inclusiveness. They appear to be trying to move beyond issues of students rejecting other students on the basis of issues like popularity, attractiveness, race, etc. This could be seen as a positive policy.

    I do wonder, though, if the school would still follow its required inclusion policy if a girl asked a girl to dance, or if a boy asked a boy.

  2. Growing up in so hard, and dances can be so traumatic. Will he ask me, will she accept? And now the reverse is finally becoming true without it being a Sadie Hawkins dance.

    I feel in a supervised, school atmosphere, dancing without rejection is not a bad idea if handled well. Acceptance is so very important at that age.

  3. I see both Miley and Alden’s point of views. As an elementary school teacher, I see both sides.

    Children do need to learn they have rights over their own bodies. But they also need to learn to be accepting of people who are different.

    I feel if this dance is handled as an educational experience like a class outing they should dance with anyone who asks. This is like participating on a sports team where you don’t decide who you’re going to play with. But if it’s treated like a social event then they should have a choice.

  4. Boys and girls have to learn no means no. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dance or a date.

  5. This is NOT just a school dance! It’s teaching girls how to deal with boys. Teaching them they can’t say no is WRONG!!@

  6. Can’t you people read? This isn’t about no to sex, it’s a school dance. With supervision. They’re there to dance. It’s tough enough for a boy to ask a girl without the school supporting rejection!

  7. They could assign dance partners. That way there’s no asking and no turning down.

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