Donald Trump is The Best at Everything

How many times have you heard Donald Trump brag about how terrific he is? Here’s more.

Donald Trump Can’t Stop Congratulating Himself

Trump, quite simply, is the best at everything. Believe him.

Posted by The Trumpster Fire by HuffPost on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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The image of Donald Trump was identified by a news service as being in the public domain, but did not identify the photographer.

12 thoughts on “Donald Trump is The Best at Everything

  1. Thank you for posting the link. If more people would talk less about Donald Trump and seriously, open-mindedly, listen to Donald Trump himself, things might change.

  2. He might have been saved by “BOB”, but obviously fell into the false SLACK of the golden toilet variety.

  3. Don’t make fun of the mentally ill. And don’t elect them president either.

  4. How the man got elected I don’t know. But even Kim Jong-un is being reasonable and rational right now. Why can’t Trump?

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