Babies Can Consent: 16-Year-Olds Can’t


How can babies be old enough to give consent and teenagers aren’t?

In some parts of Australia, 15 year olds aren’t old enough to give consent to another person doing things with their genitals. In other parts, 16 year olds aren’t old enough.  In some cases, neither are 17 year olds.

But babies are? A sex expert is recommending parents don’t change their infant’s diapers until the baby gives permission.

Sexuality expert says parents should ask for consent to change a baby’s diaper

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15 thoughts on “Babies Can Consent: 16-Year-Olds Can’t

  1. I checked the link. This is real. What are you supposed to do if a baby doesn’t want to be changed? Leave him in dirty diapers the rest of his life? That stupid sex expert needs to get mind out of babies diapers. Stupid!

  2. The whole can’t consent thing is idiotic. A 15 year old can’t tell you if they like something or not? A toddler can tell you! A baby can tell you! A dog can tell you! It’s insulting teens to say they aren’t capable of knowing what they like and making decisions. But let one steal from Walmart and the law says they can consent and can make their own decisions and we better punish them. Law makes no sense.

  3. Next they’ll be arresting teens for posting nude pics of themselves and call it child abuse. No, they already do that.

    Clean the babies!

  4. The Loveslut family will do anything to get into babies diapers and kids underwear. Why don’t all you puppies go drown yourselfs in the ocean and STFU!

  5. I remember author William H. Stoddard commenting on a case I used as an example during the playtest for GURPS Social Engineering. In a discussion on courtship rules, I mentioned a 21st century Texas case where a 16-year-old male legally had consensual sexual relations with his 14-year-old girlfriend. He was a honest, caring, and loving person.

    Then he turned age 17. The actual difference in their age hadn’t changed (still somewhere around 2 1/2 years), but legally the age difference was now three years, not two. That meant she couldn’t legally give consent. He was arrested and faced being listed as a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.

    Stoddard wrote, “That has nothing whatever to do with people entering into sexual relationships by one of them overpowering the other’s Will. Nor is it in any realistic sense nonconsensual; the lack of consent is a legal fiction.”

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