Attention Writing Fans and Pirates

Image linked from the Shartak Wiki at For those who are concerned, this linking to a wiki image is not piracy.

As a writer, I think it’s just fine if somebody copies what I’ve written without my getting paid for my work. Just like I think it’s fine if I don’t have to pay for my Internet service, or my computer, or car, or gasoline, or groceries or clothes or housing or medical care or anything else. If everybody will work for me for free and give me everything I want for free, I’ll be very happy to work for free too. Until them, “The worker deserves his wages.”

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About Alden Loveshade

Alden is a philosopher, personist, writer, playwright, screenwriter, director, actor, poet, photographer, dumbek drummer, roleplayer, and educator. Worked for others and freelance as a journalist, investigator, columnist, reviewer, teacher, animal caregiver, photographer, and dishwasher. Claims e doesn’t care about money, but always needs more. Recognized by Phi Theta Kappa, Golden Key International Honor Society, the U. S. Jaycees, and groups of like ilk. They don’t necessarily like em, but they recognize em. Graduated summa cum laude from some university that apparently figured the best way to get rid of em was to graduate em. Alden has worked with Emmy, Oscar, Tony, and Pulitzer Prize Nominees and Winners but they never shared their awards! Alden has dual citizenship in the Principality of Sealand and the United States of America. His official title for Sealand is Lord Alden Loveshade. E thinks that makes em sound impressive.

13 thoughts on “Attention Writing Fans and Pirates

    • Pictures can be copyrighted too. I think if you link where you got them it’s all right.

      • Linking is weird legal ground, but usually people don’t mind you using their photos as illustration if you give credit and link to their site. Effectively, it then works as advertising in their favor.

  1. So many people just don’t think about writers and artists.They work too. The world would not be as beautiful or as much fun without them.

  2. People just don’t think when they make copies of something illegally they’re stealing. And they copy thinks they like so they’re stealing from people they admire!

  3. As a writer I understand this of course. People don’t see that not paying somebody for their work is the same if they’re a writer or a plumber or a grocery store clerk. Thank you for explaining it clearly.

  4. “The worker deserves his wages.” People forget that. Driving a truck, people think you aren’t doing any work either. Try it. It’s ain’t the same as a quick trip to the grocery store. It’s like comparing walking to the mail box to running track.

  5. I’ll steal everything I can including your computer and car and clothes and house and hospital. ARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I wonder how the pay what you want scheme works. As a creative type myself I understand the need to get paid for your labor, but as a broke-ass I’m also sensitive to the struggle for entertainment on a tight budget.

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