Alden Loveshade End of the Year 2016

alden_loveshade_aura_explodes-_sYes, it’s that time once again, time for another missive from moi.

This year is perhaps most significant for what has not happened; nobody I’m really close to has passed away.  For that I am very glad.

However, it has been a year for things falling apart and needing repair.  I fixed a gutter that leaked; got a computer working; got a modem working; cut/sawed/pulled/mowed small mesquite trees, wild grasses, and cat’s claw to make a path to the front tank (what those of you outside of Texas might call a “pond.”)  Am I handyman or not?

Well, not.  My intense mowing caused the lawnmower to start puffing out copious quantities of white smoke.  I looked at the mower and discovered what looked like a major problem–there was a hole in its side.  So we checked with the dealer–the hole had always been there.  It was the exhaust.  Oops.

Then just days after the warranty ran out on the television, the sound went out.  Great timing.  Did you know almost nobody fixes televisions anymore?  Just throw it away and buy a new one.  Anyway, this one got fixed, but certainly not by me.

My mom didn’t get a new hand with a carpal tunnel problem, but did get surgery to help fix it.  Mom is scheduling surgery for the other hand.

My long-running animal care gig is over, at least for now.  But I do have a couple dozens puppies–which are also kittens.  Both terms apply to baby mice.  I’m getting a young black-and-white mouse used to sitting on my brown-and-white dog’s head.

In the writing/publishing gig, I published some articles, edited a magazine issue, and did some graphic design for a couple of magazines.  I recently learned a book I helped with five years ago is being published.  Finally.

I finally got dragged to Six Flags for the first time.  I got pushed to try a “mild ride.”  I asked, “If it’s such a mild ride, why is it called ‘Pandemonium’?”

From a recent doctor’s visit, I learned that my weight is the highest it’s ever been.  Oops.  So it’s more exercise and less late night snacking.  And more mowing and sawing.

Have a Great Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Chanukah, Wonderful Yule, Fine Winter/ Summer Solstice, Terrific New Year!

Alden Loveshade

An opinion of an individual members of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily reflect that of the whole family.

Photo of Alden on the wall from self-portrait by Alden with graphics from added by Vance Lizza.

Where’s The Blogs?

As of right now, you may notice there’s almost a year gap between blog posts.  Yes, we’re aware of it, and yes, we’re working on it.  We had something of a glitch ($%&!#X!) in doing an update.  It’s in the process of being fixed, so please bear with us while we work to restore the missing posts.

In the meantime, feel free to check out those classic blog posts below

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I Am Reverend Loveshade


I Am Reverend Loveshade. Isn’t everyone? (Image is from the music video for “Black Hole Sun” performed by Soundgarden.  No threat to its copyright is intended.)

If you don’t know, there’s a paranoid conspiracy theory that everyone who mentions Reverend Loveshade without grossly insulting him must be Reverend Loveshade.

And if you don’t know, almost nobody who doesn’t know me IRL believes my name. Is my name really Miley Spears? Yes. Is that the name I was born with? No.

I had to show my driver’s license to stay on Facebook when they had the “fake name purge.” I’ve posted my SCA membership card, PETA membership card, ASPCA membership card, ACLU membership card, and more online. When they accepted my SCA name (Ariel Lovechild) and device (with a pentacle and a mermaid), it threw out a precedent and set a new one here. I’m an admin at Discordia Wiki and SubGenius WIki and Peta Wiki and wrote featured articles at Uncyclopedia and Uncyclopedia (two different ones), and a Wikipedia editor.

I was accepted by Order of the Pineapple (so was Reverend Loveshade) and the Knights of Buh. There’s an article about a protest I did in Minnesota, my college career, and more online. See also this.

Who’s been accused of being Reverend Loveshade? Miley Spears, Pope Hilde, Adam Gorightly, Gypsie Skripto, Brenton Clutterbuck, Dr. Howland Owll, Dr. Howl, Alan Moore, Robert Anton Wilson, Alden Loveshade, Greg Hill, Kerry Thornley, Sheered Völva, S. John Ross, Richard Nixon. (Feel free to add to the list here if you think of someone else). I know three of these who really did write as Reverend Loveshade at one time or another, but I don’t think all of them did! And some of them were accused after they were dead!

One of the people on that list got served a certified legal notice from my family, then posted online that he was wrong about me being an prostitute and I was not Reverend Loveshade.

But if they want me to be Reverend Loveshade, fine. I Am Reverend Loveshade. Isn’t everyone?

So spread the word! Post that you’re Reverend Loveshade, or that somebody else is Reverend Loveshade. Make a list!

An opinion of a friend of associate of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily reflect that of the family.

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Alden Loveshade End of the Year 2014

Yes, it’s time once again for what you’ve been waiting for all year: an end of the year letter from me!

This has been another year of ups and downs. My freelance gig writing and taking photos for Yahoo, including Yahoo News and even Yahoo Sports (OK, one article on treading water–hey, I’m a sports writer!), is over. It’s not just me; Yahoo cut their contributor program. I actually sold them an article the very last day they accepted contributor articles. It wasn’t earning me a whole lot of money, but getting lots of little checks was nice, and being able to say I was writing professionally for Yahoo was pretty cool.

But I got some stories and articles published, am beginning to edit a book, and am looking to publish another. And I perhaps reached my solo guerilla editing pinnacle this year. Forget my pointing out errors to megacorporations and the U.S. government. I finally hit the big time: I got a missive from an associate editor at Merriam-Webster that they will review and almost certainly make changes I suggested to a future edition of the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. Compared to that, correcting the IRS is nothing.

More seriously, I lost an uncle and a cousin. My mom had heart surgery twice, but after three months went back home. One of my brothers has been in longer, and right now is in a rehabilitation/nursing home about 500 miles away.

Less seriously, The Loveshade Family was featured as the Ace of Hearts in the Flying Buffalo deck of cards distributed at some of the biggest gaming conventions in America. And I’m finding myself quoted on increasingly divergent websites, ranging from New York University to Daily Inspiration to Grossmont College to to I even found myself on one or two Indonesian sites translated into “Kebencian itu seperti api, ia membakar siapa saja yang memegangnya.” Did I say that?

But everything I’ve done this year pales in comparison to one thing: I figured out how to put up a mailbox. Sweet!

Wonderful Christmas, Great Kwanzaa, Merry Chanukah, Happy Yule, Fine Winter/Summer Solstice, Terrific New Year!


Alden Loveshade

Any opinion of a member of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily reflect the views of the whole family.

Public domain image by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Reverend Loveshade & Ms. M.C. Baby 2

Can we say preggers?

Yes, Reverend Loveshade and Ms. M.C. are excitedly expecting their second bundle of joy!  Expected due date is 2014 June 15, but you know how babies are.  Really the whole commune is expecting the baby as they are one big extended family.

Their first daughter, Puffletoes Twinkleton, was born about the date in 2011.  (You might have guessed that’s the girl’s Discordian, not legal name).

As it happens, Lorien Loveshade is expecting a new niece any day now.


Image by mahalie stackpole under a Creative Commons 3.0 license from

Goodbye Kenny and Zack Anderson

Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson

We welcome guest commentator Mindy Spears.

Kenny Anderson and his son Zack Anderson were motorcycle riding on July 4 in Venus, Texas. Suddenly, there was a crash and they were gone.

Kenny was only 39 years old and Zack only 21.

Kenny was a welder who built his body as well as his welding. When Kenny walked in, you knew it. He had a very strong presence, both physically and by personality. If he was going to do something he was going to it.

But he was also protective. If you knew Kenny, you didn’t have to worry because he would protect you.

He also loved kids with both kids and grandkids. Zack was his son even though Kenny didn’t meet Mellanie, Zack’s mother, until she was already carrying Zack. But Kenny loved his boy, and Zack loved Kenny.

Zack Anderson

Zack Anderson

Zack was an animal lover like me. He loved getting fish and had a lot of them. He experimented with different combinations, and sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes I wished he didn’t experiment so much, but sometimes you don’t learn unless you experiment. Zack was a person who learned by doing, just like his dad.

But Zack was also nice and polite. He respected women and his elders. He wanted to have fun and wanted other people to have fun too.

His body was a canvas, and it seemed he was always getting a new tattoo. He altered his ears too, but his heart stayed loving.

He had a son, Liam, who’s two years old. He loved Liam very much, for like his dad he loved kids.

I miss you both.

Memorial services are scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday, July 8, 2013. They will be held at Crosier-Pearson Cleburne Funeral Home Chapel at 512 North Ridgeway Dr. in Cleburne, Texas, 76033.

Alden Loveshade contributed to this report.  Any opinion expressed by members or associates of The Loveshade Family do not necessarily reflect the views of the whole family.

The 22 Percenters

We welcome commentator Vern Avaritt’s second entry to our new blog.  Usual disclaimer: The opinions expressed are the commentor’s, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Loveshade Family.  The Loveshade Family has not verified the information or sources in this artlcle.

I recently saw on several progressive TV shows that there was a poll surveying Americans on whether they preferred the legislative branch: 1) creating jobs; 2) looking for scandals to place on the President. The answer: 73% were for creating jobs while 22% preferred congress using their time looking for scandals.

While everybody was applauding the 73%; I thought that the 22% was a hell of a lot of people.

Who are these 22%? They are mostly ultra conservative. Many are extremely religious Protestants. Many believe that the president is a Muslim and is not a citizen (therefore he cheated to become president). Some of them have guns and some of them even want a second Civil War (succeeding from the Union will do that).

In the 1930 Reichstag Elections, the Nazi Party won only 18.3% of the votes. They went on to win over Germany and almost succeeded in conquering the world. If the Nazis could do that with 18.3%, imagine what could be done with 22% of the vote. The big quote the Jews had in 1930’s Germany was “It can’t happen here”; boy were they surprised. A lot of people in America say “It can’t happen here”. Do you see a parallel? I am not saying run to Canada; but just watch to see how thing are going and if it starts to happen. Then run to Canada.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts:

18% believe in Geocentric Theory. There are some people who actually believe that the Earth is flat and the government is trying to cover it up (I don’t mean the Flat Earth Society).

Many people believe that condoms don’t work: 20% of men and 11% of women. Many people believe that abortion causes cancer. 30% believe that the Bible is ALL literally true (that means that bats are classified as birds; rabbits chew their cud; and locusts, and beetles have four legs). This author has read the Bible but he doesn’t take it to be the literal word of God. He also doesn’t believe that bats are birds, rabbits chew their cud, and locusts and beetles have four legs.

20% believe that the president is a Muslim.

25% believe that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is a hoax. What about Lamarck’s Theory of Evolution? Newton’s Laws are theories too; are they a hoax? What about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

40% of people believe in Sarah Palin’s obvious lie about “Death Panels” in health care reform. Not that there are not people deciding to take people, who are sick, off of health care.

Only 50% of Americans believe that Judaism is older than Christianity or Islam. .How many of them read their Bible or Koran.


Geocentric Theory–_and_the_right-wing_lies_behind_them

Flat Earth Society

Condoms Don’t Work

Abortion Causes Cancer

Bats are birds; Rabbits chew their cud; Some insects have four legs. The author has seen a lot of articles stating that the Bible says these things: I will give you one article:

Bible is Literally True

Any opinion expressed by a member or associate of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily reflect the views of the family.

Congraduations Mindy and Austra!

Mindy just graduated from college with a Music Major and a Chemistry Minor. She’s not as good as me in English because she doesn’t know how to get any letter other than A’s! lol

Austra just graduated from high school and she was almost salutatorian! Really she should have been valedictorian but I won’t go into that. But she did great and she’s going to a great college!

You might know Mindy by her Discordian name of Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko. Austra uses the Discordian name of Sister Lorraine of Fairy Tree.  They both contributed to Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht.

Congratulations graduates!

Any opinion of a member or associate of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily reflect the views of the family.