Teach Kids Not Stereotypes

I’m a first grade teacher. Some of my students who are only six years old already believe stereotypes about boys and girls. But at least they are in a coed classroom where they can learn differently.

But some people still want to push “separate but equal” classrooms where boys and girls are kept apart. It doesn’t work!

“For example, teachers are instructed that girls should not have time limits on tests because, unlike boys, girls’ brains cannot function well under these conditions; and that boys who like to read, do not enjoy contact sports and do not have a lot of close male friends should be firmly disciplined, required to spend time with ‘normal males’ and made to play sports.”

Learn more at https://www.aclu.org/womens-rights/teach-kids-not-stereotypes

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Why are Children Overweight? 95210

Why are American children overweight? Because they eat too much junk food and don’t exercise enough. Duh.

The obesity rate in children is four times what it was a few decades ago. Why?

I teach first grade and almost all my kids ride in a bus or a car to school. When I was a kid more of us rode bikes or walked to school in groups. I hear about all the TV shows they watch and video games they play which is too much. If you’re watching TV you aren’t exercising.

And more people eat more meals at fast food places that are high in fat, sugar, and salt and low in nutrients. And kids and adults eat too much food.

For kids, remember 95210 for each day:

9 hours of sleep

5 servings of fruit and vegetables

2 hours maximum of TV, video games and computer

1 hours of physical activity

0 drinks with added sugar



Any opinion of an individual member of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily reflect that of the whole family.

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Zero Tolerance: Show Your Team Number, Get Suspended

Number 3 showing number 3. Result: automatic suspension.

Zero tolerance = no tolerance = intolerance.

From Janet Hightower, mother of Dontadrian:

“Earlier this year, my son posed for a school photo holding up three fingers—just like in the photo you see here.

“It was a harmless gesture, but when school administrators saw the photo, they interpreted it as a gang sign. Rather than speak with my son to find out the truth, the school suspended him and nearly kicked him out of school.”

If we had Zero Tolerance for adults, anyone arrested would be convicted.  No explanation would be allowed.  There would be no trial by jury and no possibility of being found not guilty.

We don’t allow this in America for adults, so why do we do it to our children?

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Photo from the ACLU website and is used here with no threat to copyright intended in order to illustrate the issue.

 Any opinion expressed by an individual member of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily express the views of the whole family.