I am a Witch so do I Sacrifice Animals like Azealia Banks?

Azealia Banks by Manfred Werner (public domain from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Life_Ball_2013_-_opening_show_034_Azealia_Banks_(cropped).jpg)

Azealia Banks by Manfred Werner (public domain)

Rapper and actress Azealia Banks is in the news right now because she said she’s a witch and apparently sacrifices chickens. She also apparently called the people of Brazil “third world freaks.”

I am a witch. Do I sacrifice animals and call people freaks?

No I do not.

I am a witch, although I prefer to be called a Wiccan; I am the High Priestess of a Wiccan coven. I have never sacrificed a living animal and no one in my group has every sacrificed a living animal. I do not believe in animal sacrifices. And I do not hate anything and that includes people in Brazil.

You can call most Wiccans witches, but some of them don’t call themselves that. That’s because many people have confused ideas about witches. And not everybody who is a witch is Wiccan. A witch can be anyone who practices magick arts. And some Wiccans don’t even practice magick! Some witches aren’t even Pagan, and there are even Christian witches.

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Miley Spears, who is a vegetarian animal rights activist who is opposed to killing animals for food or hunting or sacrifice, helped with this blog entry.

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Photo from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Life_Ball_2013_-_opening_show_034_Azealia_Banks_(cropped).jpg

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BISAC Says Wicca is a Religion

pentagram or pentacle

The Book Industry Study Group has finally moved Wicca into the Religion category! Before it was in the category Body, Mind & Spirituality/Witchcraft.

So what’s the big deal? It’s a major step in recognizing Wicca as a genuine religion! The BISC makes the BISAC listing which is the standard for book publishers. It’s like the Library of Congress or Dewey Decimal Systems except it only identifies categories instead of individual books.

This is another big step for Freedom of Religion in America. After Wiccan Patrick Stewart was killed in combat in Afghanistan in 2005, the Veteran’s Administration refused to let a pentagram put on his gravesite. Legal action was filed. Finally on April 23, 2007 the VA allowed pentacles.

Why should you care if you aren’t Wiccan or Pagan? Freedom of Religion doesn’t work if it’s only for a few people. Even if the government was Christian, would it be Roman Catholic or Protestant or Greek Orthodox? And if it was Protestant, would it be Baptist or Assembly of God or Seventh Day Adventist?

This is a big step forward for America and the First Amendent!

BISAC for Wiccan as a Religion is at www.bisg.org/what-we-do-0-126-bisac-subject-headings-list-religion.php

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