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Please Help Us Find Missing Emily Sander

Emily Sander, 18, is missing (family photo)Emily Sander, an 18-year-old student at Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas, is missing.  She was last seen  leaving a bar there with a man who may have been Israel Mireles, 24.  El Dorado is about 30 miles from Wichita.

Sander's car was found at the bar. Mireles was driving a grey or green Ford Taurus rental car with the license plate XUJ 487. He and his 16-year-old pregnant girlfriend Victoria Martens may be traveling to Texas or Mexico as Mireles has family and friends in those areas.

Emily is a friend of our own Perlie the Pony Girl, and we are very concerned about her.  She is 5 foot 3 inches tall, weights 105 lbs., has blue eyes, long brown hair, tattoos and body piercings.  She was last seen wearing low-rider jeans, a "Don't Mess with Texas" T-shirt, and skateboard-style tennis shoes.  Mireles is described as being about 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighing 130 lbs.

Police are looking for a white bedspread with a floral design that may be a clue. Unfortunately, foul play is suspected.Israel Mireles, 24 (image provided by El Dorado Police Department)

If you have any information about Emily Sander or Israel Mireles that could apply to this investigation, please contact Detective Captain Justin Phillips at the El Dorado Police Department by calling (316) 321-9120 or faxing (316) 321-1456.  If you are uncomfortable contacting him by phone, you can email at jphillip @ eldoks.com (ignore the spaces in the email address--it's posted that way to reduce spam).

A recent photo of Israel Mireles is to the right.

Look for updated postings on this blog as this case continues.


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Thank you for posting this! I am so worried about Emily. They don't think she came to Texas but I think she did. Please help find Emily!

I guess they aren't searching anymore. I'm sorry.

i am sorry for your families loss. regards.

I'm sorry about Emily too. But damn, why don't you admit she was a porno model? It's all over the Internet and there's nothing wrong with that. I love you Zoey Zane!

Don't put her down because she showed her body! She's a friend of this family and they are suffering. What she did in front of a camera is her own damn business!

She did the damn thang in front of the camera too I might add. She will be missed

Her name was Emily Sander and she was a student. Not else !!! Let her rest in peace and have respect for her family.
Let me express all my condolences to family and friends of what is happened. My prayers are for them

i jus wanted to say that Isreal Mierles is my ex boyfrend. I live n vernon tx and when we were together i never thought he would do somehtin like this he was the sweetest thing in the world.....my mom wanted me to marry him........he never not once raised his voice at me......it was me who treated him bad....but a couple of years later i seen him and he came to me and thanked me for how i treated him.....he said i tought him a lesson and he will never let another girl treat him bad again....to tell u the truth i dont think he did it.....However im sorry for your loss

I'm very sorry she was found the way she was. It is so sad to see a young woman cut down like that. My prayers are with you.

Things like this shouldn't oughta happen. I'm very sorry you lost her.

This sucks! She's beautiful and its such a tragedy. Then some idiots say she deserves it. Nobody deserves this!!!

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