Rules for Posting and Finding Archived Posts


We don’t have many rules, but will enforce the ones we have.

1) No profanity or obscenity or pornography or anything illegal. We aren’t afraid of certain words and types of images, but don’t want search engines restricting access to our site. This is a site for anyone who wants to visit and participate. Note: we do not automatically consider the unclothed human body to be pornography.

2) No hate speech, threats, etc. Feel free to strongly disagree with anything we post, but let’s please keep it civil. Making fun of us is fine.

3) Links are OK but no spam. If your link fits the topic you’re commenting on, great. Please don’t post direct links to sites that focus on things restricted in rule 1 or 2 (although we might accept an indirect link if it lets people know what it’s going to).

4) While we generally won’t, we reserve the right to edit your posts, but will indicate they’ve been edited.

5) Enjoy our site!

ADDITION: If your comment meets our guidelines but hasn’t shown after a few days, it may have ended up in our spam folder.  Feel free to send us a message about it to the address listed on our Homepage.


(2006 – 2012)

To find a specific archived blog entry, change blog in the url to blog1.

For example, if you linked to robert_anton_wilso.html

you can find the archived version at

Comments can no longer be accepted on archived entries.  Some of the links found on archived entries may no longer work.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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