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SevenSuperGirls Hits 250,000 Subscribers

Congratulations to our friends at SevenSuperGirls on getting their 250,000th subscriber! It’s the self-proclaimed “largest all-girls under 16 collaboration channel on YouTube.” Yes, we don’t usually mention things like this in our blog.  But if we didn’t, someone’s niece would … Continue reading

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DOMA is Defeated

Today the United States Supreme Court declared the so-called Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. The monumental decision on the controversial 1996 law was made not surprisingly by vote of 5-4. While the primary focus on DOMA has been that the … Continue reading

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The 22 Percenters

We welcome commentator Vern Avaritt’s second entry to our new blog.  Usual disclaimer: The opinions expressed are the commentor’s, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Loveshade Family.  The Loveshade Family has not verified the information or sources in … Continue reading

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Congraduations Mindy and Austra!

Mindy just graduated from college with a Music Major and a Chemistry Minor. She’s not as good as me in English because she doesn’t know how to get any letter other than A’s! lol Austra just graduated from high school and … Continue reading

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