Congraduations Mindy and Austra!

Mindy just graduated from college with a Music Major and a Chemistry Minor. She’s not as good as me in English because she doesn’t know how to get any letter other than A’s! lol

Austra just graduated from high school and she was almost salutatorian! Really she should have been valedictorian but I won’t go into that. But she did great and she’s going to a great college!

You might know Mindy by her Discordian name of Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko. Austra uses the Discordian name of Sister Lorraine of Fairy Tree.  They both contributed to Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht.

Congratulations graduates!

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About Lorien Loveshade

Im Lorien Loveshade and I dont use punctuation much by choice.. I was born March 13 1988. Im a college graduate and started in Sept. 2012 as a first grade teacher! I started teaching second grade in Sept. 2014. I'm teaching second grade again in 2016-2017, and switch from first grade to grade after that. Im also a Wiccan High Priestess and a nudist. I got engaged in 2019 and plan to be married in 2020! If you want to know more check out my website!
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5 Responses to Congraduations Mindy and Austra!

  1. Vernon Avaritt says:

    Mazeltov! You are now part of the working and college world.

  2. Pet Girl says:

    That’s great Mindy and Austra congratulations!

  3. Princess Natalie says:

    That’s great girls! From one Discordian American Princess to two others, Heil Eris!

  4. TawTew the Naturally Perfumed says:

    Mindy you’re a wonderful girl and a talented guitar player. It was terrific seeing you on vacation.

    Austra, you are an old soul, wise beyond your years. May your future be bright and happy.

    Best of luck in your futures I’m sure they will be wonderful!

  5. Mindy Yuko says:

    Thanks for the very kind words everybody!

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