The 22 Percenters

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I recently saw on several progressive TV shows that there was a poll surveying Americans on whether they preferred the legislative branch: 1) creating jobs; 2) looking for scandals to place on the President. The answer: 73% were for creating jobs while 22% preferred congress using their time looking for scandals.

While everybody was applauding the 73%; I thought that the 22% was a hell of a lot of people.

Who are these 22%? They are mostly ultra conservative. Many are extremely religious Protestants. Many believe that the president is a Muslim and is not a citizen (therefore he cheated to become president). Some of them have guns and some of them even want a second Civil War (succeeding from the Union will do that).

In the 1930 Reichstag Elections, the Nazi Party won only 18.3% of the votes. They went on to win over Germany and almost succeeded in conquering the world. If the Nazis could do that with 18.3%, imagine what could be done with 22% of the vote. The big quote the Jews had in 1930’s Germany was “It can’t happen here”; boy were they surprised. A lot of people in America say “It can’t happen here”. Do you see a parallel? I am not saying run to Canada; but just watch to see how thing are going and if it starts to happen. Then run to Canada.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts:

18% believe in Geocentric Theory. There are some people who actually believe that the Earth is flat and the government is trying to cover it up (I don’t mean the Flat Earth Society).

Many people believe that condoms don’t work: 20% of men and 11% of women. Many people believe that abortion causes cancer. 30% believe that the Bible is ALL literally true (that means that bats are classified as birds; rabbits chew their cud; and locusts, and beetles have four legs). This author has read the Bible but he doesn’t take it to be the literal word of God. He also doesn’t believe that bats are birds, rabbits chew their cud, and locusts and beetles have four legs.

20% believe that the president is a Muslim.

25% believe that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is a hoax. What about Lamarck’s Theory of Evolution? Newton’s Laws are theories too; are they a hoax? What about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

40% of people believe in Sarah Palin’s obvious lie about “Death Panels” in health care reform. Not that there are not people deciding to take people, who are sick, off of health care.

Only 50% of Americans believe that Judaism is older than Christianity or Islam. .How many of them read their Bible or Koran.


Geocentric Theory–_and_the_right-wing_lies_behind_them

Flat Earth Society

Condoms Don’t Work

Abortion Causes Cancer

Bats are birds; Rabbits chew their cud; Some insects have four legs. The author has seen a lot of articles stating that the Bible says these things: I will give you one article:

Bible is Literally True

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9 Responses to The 22 Percenters

  1. Tom T. Trucker says:

    Yeah, so people are stupid. What else is new? People who think the Earth is flat think you can drive downhill both ways.

    But you’re mixing beans with apple butter. If the president isn’t Muslim, how come his name is Muslim?

    • Mindy Yuko says:

      His name is Arabic not Muslim. 🙂

    • Vernon Avaritt says:

      There are millions of Christians in Muslim controlled lands in the Middle East. In Egypt there is the Coptic Church which has been there since the time of Christ. Just because someone has an Arabic, Farsi, Berber or Tamil name doesn’t necessary make them Muslim

  2. Pet Girl says:

    These are the people who don’t pay attention in school.

  3. TawTew the Naturally Perfumed says:

    It’s very sad how confused people become. There is so much to know and so much of it can be frightening. The universe is a marvellous place, but so many people are afraid of exploring it. Ignorance leads to fear, and that leads to hate. So sad.

  4. Rev. Bootie says:


  5. Christian Andy says:

    “Bats are birds; Rabbits chew their cud; Some insects have four legs.”

    God is the same yesterday, today and forever. But man changes. This type of argument is called “reverse etymology.” You take modern English words and then say the original Hebrew words don’t fit. Of course they don’t! The word translated as “birds” actually means “winged” and bats certainly have wings! Rabbits do pass partially digested food as stools and then rechew it. And Leviticus 11:21 answers your problem with insects. It says, “Yet these may ye eat of every flying creeping thing that goeth upon all four, which have legs above their feet, to leap withal upon the earth.” Locusts like grasshoppers and crickets have four legs in front and two “above their feet” for leaping. 4 + 2 = 6.

    The Jews were guided by God and observed nature around them. They were not stupid!

  6. Big Bertha says:

    I want to have Vern’s baby. I’m 22 percent sure.

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