My Mom in Hospital

My mother has had quite a go of it.  She had a heart attack, open heart surgery, follow-up surgery to correct problems from the first surgery, then got major bleeding from a tear caused during the follow-up surgery.

She’s recovering in the hospital, slowly.

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About Alden Loveshade

Alden is a philosopher, personist, writer, playwright, screenwriter, director, actor, poet, photographer, dumbek drummer, roleplayer, and educator. Worked for others and freelance as a journalist, investigator, columnist, reviewer, teacher, animal caregiver, photographer, and dishwasher. Claims e doesn’t care about money, but always needs more. Recognized by Phi Theta Kappa, Golden Key International Honor Society, the U. S. Jaycees, and groups of like ilk. They don’t necessarily like em, but they recognize em. Graduated summa cum laude from some university that apparently figured the best way to get rid of em was to graduate em. Alden has worked with Emmy, Oscar, Tony, and Pulitzer Prize Nominees and Winners but they never shared their awards! Alden has dual citizenship in the Principality of Sealand and the United States of America. His official title for Sealand is Lord Alden Loveshade. E thinks that makes em sound impressive.
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12 Responses to My Mom in Hospital

  1. TawTew the Naturally Perfumed says:

    May healing wash over you and your mom. Alden is a wonderful person and his mother must be too.

  2. Alden Im sorry about all you have been going through. I wish I could be there! We send healing her way and hope your mom gets well very quickly.

  3. Dharma says:

    May your mother be in good health and all go well.

  4. Christian Andy says:

    I am praying for you and your mom. May God lay his healing hands upon her. Jesus is the source of our healing, for by the stripes placed on his back we are healed.

  5. Miley Spears says:

    I agree with TawTew. Get well soon Grandma!

  6. Thanks for all the concerned thoughts. I really appreciate them.

  7. Pet Girl says:

    I sure hope your Mom’s doing better!

  8. Tom T. Trucker says:

    Sure hope your mom’s doing better.

  9. My mother is doing much better and is recuperating and going through rehabilitation. Mom’s looking and talking better than I’d seen in quite a while. Thanks again for the messages of concern.

  10. My mom came home today. She’s doing quite well, and will finish recuperation at home. Mom is one tough lady.

  11. Im sooo glad she’s home. Im sorry she was in the hospital when we came out for vacation. I hope we get to see her up and around next time we come!

  12. Tom T. Trucker says:

    Glad to hear she’s on the road to recovery at home.

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