We are the Ace of Hearts

53 A HeartsFor three years, The Loveshade Family has tried to get the Ace of Hearts — or any card — in Flying Buffalo’s Origins Poker deck.  The deck is featured at the major gaming convention Origins Game Fair and at Gen Con, reportedly the longest running and largest gaming convention in the world.

This year, we got it!  The female on the card was inspired by Rosey Tiger (her Discordian American Princess name).  The male was partially inspired by actors in old black and white movies.

The decks are a lot of fun.  You can play poker, bridge, spades, hearts, rummy, whatever game you like to play with a 52-card deck.  There are also two jokers plus a few optional extra cards.

What makes the cards special is their gaming background.  The kings are always four famous game designers or artists.  This year’s winners are Ken St Andre, Tom Dalgliesh, Richard Berg, and Liz Danforth.  There are cards for Traveller, Steve Compton, Texicon, Chaoism, Gorilla Games, Aces & Eights, and much more including Chainmail Girl.

We will soon be taking orders for the decks at $5 each (plus shipping).  Or you can get a deck at one of the gaming conventions above.  We’re also adding a game section which will be at games.loveshade.org.