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What’s THE Ideal Woman’s Body Type?

What is the one body type for women that everybody agrees on? You may have guessed there isn’t one. So why try being something you aren’t? See the Buzzfeed video Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History. See The Evolution of the Perfect … Continue reading

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Is Same Sex Marriage Legal in Alabama?

“Days after a federal judge in Alabama ruled in favor of a same-sex couple who want their marriage recognized, the chief justice of the state’s Supreme Court has sent a letter telling the governor that federal courts don’t have jurisdiction … Continue reading

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Order of the Pineapple Winners 2015

The envelop for the Order of the Pineapple for 2015, please. The pineapples go to: Rev. Timothy Edward Bowen and Pope Hilde. Pope Hilde: Journalist and Discordian writer for the wiki, Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia, and Intermittens Magazine; interviewer for, and … Continue reading

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I Lost My Brother

As I posted a link in my End of the Year Letter that my brother was in a nursing home/rehabilitation center, I should give this update. My brother was transported to a hospital with breathing problems.  It got worse, and … Continue reading

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