Is Same Sex Marriage Legal in Alabama?

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“Days after a federal judge in Alabama ruled in favor of a same-sex couple who want their marriage recognized, the chief justice of the state’s Supreme Court has sent a letter telling the governor that federal courts don’t have jurisdiction over what constitutes a marriage in Alabama.”

Judges can’t seen to agree. While there’s a debate in Alabama the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a major case that could change everything one way or the other.

But it’s still a major development that Alabama which is as Bible Belt as you can get has allowed same-sex marriage.

Things are changing fast! I would tell the court “Don’t make laws against love!”

The quote is from Alabama Chief Justice: Federal Courts Don’t Hold Sway On Marriage

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7 Responses to Is Same Sex Marriage Legal in Alabama?

  1. Pet Girl says:

    Lorien is right. Don’t make laws against love! Anybody who wants to marry should be able to marry!

  2. Miley Spears says:

    Could Alabama be catching up with Minnesota? Now if Texas would not keep lagging far behind….

  3. Vernon K Avaritt III says:

    I hope that the Alabama Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme court rule that Same Sex Marriages are okay

  4. TawTew the Naturally Perfumed says:

    I hope the Supreme Court decides for love. Same sex marriage is not something new it goes back ages. Let people be with who they’re happy with!

  5. Christian Andy says:

    Marriage should be one man, one woman. It started with Adam and Eve and it never changed.

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