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Liberals and Conservatives Agree: Fix America’s Criminal Justice System

Sometimes the astonishing happens. It has now. “Only one issue in Washington right now could bring together the Koch brothers’ top lawyer, an environmental activist, the former head of the NRA and Sen. Al Franken. “Criminal justice reform.” The United … Continue reading

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Discordian Wikia Revival

For quite a while, a known Discordian wiki hasn’t been edited much–until now. In just a month, Miley Spears has made over 600 edits to the Discordian wiki at Recently, Pope Hilde joined in. There are new articles on R. Crumb, … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality Could End February 26–FCC Chair Speaks

The American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is scheduled to vote on net neutrality on 26 Februrary, 2015. This decision could affect every single person who uses the Internet in America, and possibly beyond. What is net neutrality? It’s the idea … Continue reading

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