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Children: Protect Them or Prepare Them?

Obviously, protecting children from danger and preparing them for life are both important. But America has gotten increasingly out of balance. The overly protected are the under prepared. Many people don’t know that more 18-year-olds are abducted in America now … Continue reading

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Alden Loveshade End of the Year 2016

Yes, it’s that time once again, time for another missive from moi. This year is perhaps most significant for what has not happened; nobody I’m really close to has passed away.  For that I am very glad. However, it has … Continue reading

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America’s Last Righteous War

Seventy five years ago today, the United States of America declared war on the Empire of Japan. America had what was widely recognized as a very good reason; the day before, Japanese forces bombed the air base at Pearl Harbor in the then territory … Continue reading

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