Children: Protect Them or Prepare Them?

parenting_america_europe_sObviously, protecting children from danger and preparing them for life are both important. But America has gotten increasingly out of balance. The overly protected are the under prepared.

Many people don’t know that more 18-year-olds are abducted in America now than 8-year-olds. Boys and girls who are overprotected do not magically learn how to take care of themselves the day they turn 18.

This video contrasts modern day America and Europe. Perhaps American parents should stop and think about why the motto for both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts is “Be Prepared,” not “Be Protected.”

Note that the combined experience of The Loveshade Family includes raising, teaching and tutoring children and studying child psychology.  In addition to the above mottos, the motto of the Discordian Shamlicht Kids Club is “Be Prepared for Anything” which is actually the intent of the Boy Scouts’ original motto according to its founders.



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12 Responses to Children: Protect Them or Prepare Them?

  1. Pet Girl says:

    This is straight up true. Be prepared for anything!

  2. Miley Spears says:

    People are so paranoid about their kids its ridiculous! My parents were really strict and kept me totally protected. But it didn’t work. I first had sex when I was 12! I didn’t even know what sex was if I did I probably wouldn’t have done it! I was too hard to control so when I was 14 they sent me to live with my aunt and uncle. They gave me lots of freedom and responsibility and guess what I grew up! You can’t keep your kids locked in the closet until they’re 18 and expect them to know how to take care of themselves. You have let them learn how to live in the world.

    • Tom T. Trucker says:

      Your parents did the best they knew how even if they were a little out of touch. But sometimes uncle knows best. If you want to learn how to survive, you’ve got to learn to crawl through the mud and get dirty and play on the rocks and get scrapes and walk through high grass and get chiggers. Life’s highway is very rough and you got to be prepared.

      • Nannie Spears says:

        They did try very hard I don’t blame them. But you’re right they didn’t prepare Miley very well. She’s very mature now for her age and I like to think we helped but she did it on her own.

    • Pope Hilde says:

      You are a very mature young woman now. I am very glad you recovered from your overprotection.

  3. Pope Hilde says:

    I am a part of the media but yes it is largely to blame. It spreads bad news everywhere so that rare tragic events seem like they’re happening everywhere all the time and people panic.

    I too was overprotected by a religious family. I had sex at a very, very young age. It was definitely not my choice. Then later I became an unmarried teen mother. Shamlicht Kids Club is more than a joke. It helped me and I was happy to work with the group as an assistant for several years. Preparation is so important in a child’s life. Protection is good up to a point, but then you need to let the child off the leash to explore the world. Be ready to help when needed, but let them explore.

    • Our Shamlicht Kids Club group has been great. We totally teach the kids what they need to know that they don’t learn from their parents or at school.

      I used to be afraid of everything but I’m not anymore. I wish I was better prepared when I was a little girl.

  4. Vernon King Avaritt III says:

    Yes children are so unprepared these days. They ought to be given some room. In my day we didn’t have playdates, we were told to go outside and play and not to come back till dinner.

  5. Howling Tom says:

    You don’t want children protected because you’re a bunch of f***ing pedos.
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  6. I try to prepare my kids as much as I can, but it isn’t easy. I’m not prepared for everything, so it’s hard preparing them! Thank goddess my baby mama knows what she’s doing. Been that way from the beginning. It was easier for her to have labor pains and give birth than for me to listen and watch.

  7. Dharma says:

    You are so right. Treat your children well and prepare them for life, parents!

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