Donald Trump Mouth and Brain

To me, Donald Trump being president of the United States is not a Republican/Democrat issue. It’s an American issue, and ultimately a world issue.  There are so many problems here, but for now I’ll focus on one: sounding like a president.

I’ve listened to every president, Republican and Democrat, from the 23rd on (starting with Benjamin Harrison).  They all had one thing in common: all of them sounded like they could be president of the United States.  With one exception: Donald Trump.

Admittedly, when Donald Trump is reading a script written by someone else, Trump sounds like a president.  But when Trump speaks words that actually come from the mind of Donald, we have what’s in the caption.  And more.  We have narcissism, paranoia, immorality, lies, and, in this speech, almost incoherent rambling.

Yes, we’ve had elements of all the above in other presidents.  But none of them came close to The Donald.  Donald Trump, by speech and actions, continually violates the values of the conservative Republicans and Evangelical Christians who supported the man, or veers off into incoherency. I keep hoping that the Republican Party and Evangelical Christians will return to their own values and stop supporting a supreme commander who is supremely unqualified for what is arguably the most important position in the United States of America.

In my opinion, the president of the United States should at least be able to communicate effectively and intelligently without having to use someone else’s words.

In the words of Donald Trump, “And hopefully the brain attached to the mouth.  Right?”

Donald Trump’s speech 5 July 2018
Snopes fact checking of the posted image from that speech
The presidents speak from the 23rd on

Thanks to Fred Milton Olsen for sharing the image on Facebook which is how I found this.

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12 Responses to Donald Trump Mouth and Brain

  1. Miley Spears says:

    Three things the president needs are Courage, Heart, and Brain.

    Donald Trump maybe has courage. He majorly has a mouth.

    • Anna Mae says:

      If he only had a brain.

      • Pope Hilde says:

        I believe the thing he lacks most is a heart, compassion. I don’t believe he cares about other people, and may not even be capable of caring. Some people aren’t.

    • Pet Girl says:

      American history in four minutes. Why did I have it for four years?

  2. Pet Girl says:

    Show me your organ, Donald!

  3. Anna Mae says:

    He would make a great anime character.

  4. Valleyerian says:

    Donald Trump’s mouth and brain aren’t connect because his mouth is connected to his foot.

  5. Adam Pugh says:

    You IDIOTS are a slew of ALT-LEFT DEMOCRATS! DONALD TRUMP IS THE GREATEST HISTORY IN AMERICA! You and your Obamacare Socialists are WORSE THAN NORTH KOREA! If Hillary won America would be in the TOILET! Donald Trump is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! If you don’t like it LEAVE!

  6. Pope Hilde says:

    To be fair, Alden, some of those presidents you probably only heard while they were reading from a script. But the president of the United States should be capable of speaking on his own. Vladimir Putin certainly is.

  7. Raul of Washington says:

    Donald Trump is the gratest president ever.

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