Woodstock on the Moon Landing

Woodstock on the Moon was go!

The Gathering at the Grove III was held in celebration of two of the biggest events of 50 years ago: An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music AKA Woodstock, and the Apollo 11 moon landing.  Woodstock on the Moon had less people that Woodstock, but more than landed on the moon.  Between 50 and 60 Discordians, SubGenii, Pastafarians, Pagans, and Nudists came for the three-day outdoor Texas camp out from Friday, June 14, to Sunday, June 16, 2017.

People had a lot of fun singing, dancing, playing musical instructions, playing the Cloved Lemon Kissing Game, and Squirrel Spotting.  For the first time, there was a place to swim in the great outdoors.  The event also featured the world premiere performance of the “Battle Hymn of the SubGenius.”

But most important of all, we had a marriage proposal that was accepted. Congratulations to Enchantric and Artariel!

ADDITION: See more here.

Poster and photo are copyright by Alden Loveshade.




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22 Responses to Woodstock on the Moon Landing

  1. TawTew the Naturally Perfumed says:

    It was indeed a wonderful time. So many great people together at the same time. And such an excellent marriage proposal! Congratulations to the future bride and groom, and to their fortunate children.

  2. Pet Girl says:

    You left out Charles Manson! It should have been Helter Skelter Woodstock on the Moon! 😛

  3. Pet Girl says:

    Woodstock on the Moon was super! But we have to pick a them for next year!

    • Lorien Loveshade says:

      There were some great theme suggestions. We need to get a mass email or text going and decide!

      Or we could post it in the secret Grove Gathering group that might be easier.

    • Dolphin Blue says:

      The Slack Gathering.

  4. Miley Spears says:

    It was a marvelous time. And really it worked better having it earlier this year because it was cooler. And congratulations to the engaged couple!

  5. Mindy Yuko says:

    I wish I could have been there but I had to rehearse for our 4th of July concert and that went great! But I wish I could have seen the marriage proposal! Seeing it on video is not the same.

    But I totally understand why you moved it earlier. Last year was hot! If we all had spring break the same time we could do it then.

  6. Lorien Loveshade says:

    It was a great time especially getting engaged! I am very fortunate girl to have such a wonderful finance. He said he wanted to get married on our dating anniversary which is Aug. 6 and I was like that’s not much time! But he meant next year and that seems so very far away!

    But he’s a wonderful man with two extraordinary kids so I was a very happy camper!

  7. Blue Dolphin says:

    We should have the next one in August so they can get married at The Gathering in the Grove!

    • Thank you for the suggestion! But we really plan to have the wedding near where our families live. I think June probably works better for the Gathering than August which gets pretty hot. Really if it is in June we might be able to come for that too!

  8. Pixie Luna says:


  9. ADDITION: Thanks to Miley Spears for writing the linked article!

  10. Roger the Cabinboy says:

    Has next year’s theme been chosen yet?

    • Yes, it has. The theme for 2020 is:

      The Slack Gathering.

      It’s related to women getting the right to vote in 1920, but how it’s related can be the subject of a later post….

  11. DemDraino says:

    Looks like the moon is the only place Woodstock’s going to land this year. The 50th anniversary concert ain’t happening.

  12. Freda says:

    How can you get an invite?

    • That unfortunately is a tricky question. There are several privacy and security issues involved. The only real way is to know someone well who is involved. I wish we lived in a time and place where we could make it more open, but unfortunately we do not.

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