Queen Titania’s Court


Cover art by Laura Givens for “Exchange Students.”

Court of Titania, Queen of the Fairies.

All during the month of June, author Deby Fredericks will be welcoming fantasy authors and one of their characters to Queen Titania’s Court. Both the author and character will be answering questions.

I’m fortunate that I and my story “Orange Sun, Grey Sky” in the Shelia Hartney-edited anthology Exchange Students will be featured.

Check out Deby’s blog!

EDIT: You can read the interview at interview site

For Exchange Students, check


About Alden Loveshade

Alden is a philosopher, personist, writer, playwright, screenwriter, director, actor, poet, photographer, dumbek drummer, roleplayer, and educator. Worked for others and freelance as a journalist, investigator, columnist, reviewer, teacher, animal caregiver, photographer, and dishwasher. Claims e doesn’t care about money, but always needs more. Recognized by Phi Theta Kappa, Golden Key International Honor Society, the U. S. Jaycees, and groups of like ilk. They don’t necessarily like em, but they recognize em. Graduated summa cum laude from some university that apparently figured the best way to get rid of em was to graduate em. Alden has worked with Emmy, Oscar, Tony, and Pulitzer Prize Nominees and Winners but they never shared their awards! Alden has dual citizenship in the Principality of Sealand and the United States of America. His official title for Sealand is Lord Alden Loveshade. E thinks that makes em sound impressive.
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13 Responses to Queen Titania’s Court

  1. TawTew the Naturally Perfumed says:

    That’s great Alden! That sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. XRumerTest says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  3. Dharma says:

    Titania is the Queen of the Fairies! What an honor!

  4. Dolphin Blue says:

    That’s totally kewl Alden! Queen of the Fairys!

  5. Dr. Sinister Craven says:

    Fantastic! I need to write some stories.

  6. Kilmore says:

    Cool. I’m looking forward to it.

  7. Rev. Bootie says:

    The Queen will probably behead both of you.

  8. TGGR says:

    So using yet another sockpuppet to promote your own work? We all know what you’re up to. Why don’t you get wise and just go away. Or die.

  9. PorNoGov says:


  10. EZ PZ says:

    I was looking for Exchange Students and found this. I know one of the authors this is a great idea. Post when it’s up!

  11. Miley Spears says:

    That’s a marvelous idea! Maybe you could post when you’re getting interviewed. I loved your story there’s a lot of good ones in Exchange Students!

  12. Dannagig says:

    What animal would be cutest if scaled down to the size of a cat?

  13. Prince Ryker says:

    Our stories are great. Glad you got in on the interview wish I would have heard of it earlier. But publicize one story you publicize them all I say.

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