The Gathering at the Grove 2021

Yes, this year the Gathering at the Grove is on! Last year’s gathering, which was to be called “The Slack Gathering,” was cancelled. This was due to a certain contagious disease that rhymes with “OVID mine-mean.” We were concerned that this year’s event would be cancelled as well–but fortunately “vaccine” beats “mine-mean.”

This year’s event is Slack Grove, and is planned for 18 – 20 June 2021. That includes both the Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice and the American Father’s Day.

Due to COVID-19 and the availability of vaccines, all adult participants must be vaccinated for COVID-19 and show proof of vaccination before the event; please try to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The same applies to all child participants in categories that are at risk for a severe COVID-19 reaction according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines (…/daily…/children/symptoms.html…). We will follow the current CDC guidelines.

Fortunately, the even is held outdoors, which makes safety easier.

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10 Responses to The Gathering at the Grove 2021

  1. For those who live nearby, we could use help getting the site ready. Keep in mind the location of this event is private.

  2. Miley Spears says:

    I’ll be there! I can help even though I might finally be going in the Peace Corps!

  3. Pet Girl says:

    I’ll surely be there! Not even tigers could keep me away!

  4. Dr. Sinister Craven says:

    Can’t make it this year. Hip isn’t cooperating. Have a sensational time!

  5. Danacasso says:

    Hopefully I’ll get down there one of these years. Be nice to see you all.

  6. Lorien Loveshade says:

    This will be my first one with my new family as a family. My hubby and two new kids have all been there before but not officially as one family. And this year Mindy should be there too. Blessed be!

  7. AndrewBare says:

    Sorry we can’t help in advance. But we’ll be there on the 18th!

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