Creepy Joe Biden, God’s Man Donald Trump

Joe Biden with books, Donald Trump with the Bible. Public domain images.






1) Joe Biden was accused of sexual assault by a woman who was later verified to have been lying under oath.  CREEPY!

Donald Trump was accused of paying off more than one woman, including a prostitute, to keep quiet about him having sex with them. He also bragged about kissing women without permission, and about grabbing women by the genitals.  GOD’S MAN!


2) Joe Biden in the 1980s made a few exaggerated claims about his early life; he later admitted his past mistakes.  CREEPY!

Donald Trump made almost 500 false or misleading statements in the first 100 days of his presidency alone. He didn’t admit lying or being deceptive on any of them.  GOD’S MAN!


3) Joe Biden made a comment that an underage girl sat like a “little lady.”  CREEPY!

Donald Trump was reported by several women and girls to have barged in unannounced while Miss Teen USA beauty pageant contestants, some underage, were undressing. Witnesses said he did not apologize, and his daughter Ivanka Trump said, “Yeah, he does that.”  GOD’S MAN!


4) Joe Biden whispered when answering some questions in a news conference.  CREEPY!

Donald Trump has often spoken incoherently in news conferences.  GOD’S MAN!


5) Joe Biden often attends Mass. He said while he had doubts of faith when his first wife and daughter were killed, his Christian beliefs are very important to him.  CREEPY!

Donald Trump said he doesn’t remember ever asking God for forgiveness for anything, even though that’s a fundamental tenant and even requirement of the Christian faith. But he’s been photographed several times holding a Bible.  GOD’S MAN!

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11 Responses to Creepy Joe Biden, God’s Man Donald Trump

  1. Pet Girl says:

    Grope me without permission Donald! 😛

  2. Dr. Sinister Craven says:

    Some people will take this post seriously.

  3. TawTew the Naturally Perfumed says:

    It’s not Donald Trump’s fault he was in over his head, but he was. I hope he finds something to do with his time that’s helpful.

  4. Tom T. Trucker says:

    You’re picking and choosing your facts here. But neither Trump nor Biden are saints.

  5. Craig Bob says:

    Christian Evangelicals have gone CRAZY!

  6. JasonNation says:


  7. It is a crazy time we are living in right now. I believe people should be qualified for their position especially if they are president of the United States! Donald Trump was so unqualified I do not understand how so many people could not have seen it. I do not want to speak against Christians but so many of them are being deceived.

  8. Sharrif Stephen says:

    John F. Kennedy Jr. will be erected from the dead on Nov. 2 which is Erection Day! He will join Donald Trump in 2024 and Trump will be President and Kennedy will be Vice President! Then Crooked Hillary and her (censored) will be cast into the Lake of Fire!

    Comment censored as per our posting policy — TLF.

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