Alden Loveshade End of the Year 2021

Yes friends, it’s time once again for everyone’s favorite End of the Year Letter! No, not that one. No, not that other one either. Mine!

GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves

On the creative front, I published several articles, and my first role-playing supplement,  GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves, was published! I did some copyediting/proofreading/ playtesting/peer reviewing, and had the fantasy novella Prisoners of the Wailing Tower dedicated to me! Oh, and MeTV featured some of my fan art. And, ironically, an article I had scheduled to be published was delayed—because they instead published an article that was about another one of my articles! (OK, the other article was about them, but still.)

As I did last year, I attended several online conventions. Differently, I helped organize an annual get-together that had been cancelled last year. This year’s was a lot of fun, and we kept it safe: outdoors, vaccinations were required, and a doctor and nurse attended.

Unfortunately, this has been another year for legal issues. Most significantly, the body of someone I had known as a kid and who had been missing for decades was found. In addition, I submitted Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown orders, filed against defamation, dealt with someone putting me under a “curse,” etc.

In spite of that curse, I avoided getting in three traffic collisions–in one day! And that’s before I even reached the highway.

This year also had lots of grass-mowing, tree-trimming, and saw-losing. OK, I only lost one saw, somewhere. So, yeah, I got a new one. But how on Earth can you lose a saw?

Cows eat grass and leaves and…lawnmowers?

In animal news, I finally had a formerly skittish cow eat grass from my hand–and another one try to eat the lawnmower! I guess if it cuts grass, it tastes like grass. I taught some confused kittens how to jump up, climb down, hunt, etc.–with the help of some other cats. And I dealt with a fox that decided to hang out on the front porch, and some mice that decided my home was an all-you-can-eat rodent restaurant.

Five days a week, I’ve been wearing a loaded backpack, lifting hand weights, and pacing while watching a 30-minute TV program (walking during commercials). I recently learned my biceps are now bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s! (Biceps has an “s” at the end, so that means it’s a plural so you add the size of both biceps together, right?)

OK, so in truth I am in no danger of being mistaken for a bodybuilder, let alone Arnold. But my doctor told me stronger muscles generally mean stronger bones.

Happy Christmas, Merry Chanukah, Nice Kwanzaa, Cool Yule, Fine Winter/Summer Solstice,  Terrific New Year! (And please check out The Loveshade Family End of the Year Letter for 2021!)


One of the problems with doing an end of the year letter before the end of the year is that you might miss something important that happens later. In this case, it was my helping a mother give birth! Well, maybe that’s pushing it–my job was more keeping an eye on nervous siblings until the birth. But still, it was great being able to help, and everything came out A-OK!

Feel free to post about your year below!


GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves book cover is property of Steve Jackson Games; font Shagadelic by Digital Graphic Labs. All other images were created by Alden Loveshade–one with the help of a cow.

An opinion of an individual member of The Loveshade Family does not necessarily reflect the views of the whole family.

About Alden Loveshade

Alden is a philosopher, personist, writer, playwright, screenwriter, director, actor, poet, photographer, dumbek drummer, roleplayer, and educator. Worked for others and freelance as a journalist, investigator, columnist, reviewer, teacher, animal caregiver, photographer, and dishwasher. Claims e doesn’t care about money, but always needs more. Recognized by Phi Theta Kappa, Golden Key International Honor Society, the U. S. Jaycees, and groups of like ilk. They don’t necessarily like em, but they recognize em. Graduated summa cum laude from some university that apparently figured the best way to get rid of em was to graduate em. Alden has worked with Emmy, Oscar, Tony, and Pulitzer Prize Nominees and Winners but they never shared their awards! Alden has dual citizenship in the Principality of Sealand and the United States of America. His official title for Sealand is Lord Alden Loveshade. E thinks that makes em sound impressive.
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12 Responses to Alden Loveshade End of the Year 2021

  1. Miley Spears says:

    That’s great Alden! How did you get that cow to pose for you? 😀

    • Pet Girl says:

      You have to get in touch with your inner cow.

      Enough of 2021. To 2022 I’m moooving!

    • Step One: Turn off lawnmower, push through muddy area to get to grass on the other side.

      Step Two: Get your feet stuck in mud that goes well above your ankles.

      Step Three: Wait five seconds for cow.

  2. zlax says:

    > Happy Christmas, Merry Chanukah, Nice Kwanzaa, Cool Yule,
    > Fine Winter/Summer Solstice, Terrific New Year

    You missed the key original name of this Christian religious holiday: Circumcision of Christ.

    This holiday marks the theoretical beginning of the Christian era and the chronology. Julian and Gregorian calendars begin from the day of Circumcision, instead of from the day of Christmas.

    The circumcision of Jesus has traditionally been seen, as explained in the once popular writing “Golden Legend”, as the first shedding of Christ’s blood, and thus the beginning of man’s redemption process, and as a demonstration that Christ is fully human and he is obedient to biblical law.

    The ceremony of circumcision in Jewish tradition is also the ceremony of naming, and so significant is the feast in both Christian calendars that it was circumcision, and not the birth of the originally nameless child, that was chosen as the starting point of the Christian era.

    Also, in connection with this festive event it is worth mentioning the Christian relic of the Holy Prepuce (part of the skin of the penis) of Jesus Christ, which appeared as a result of his circumcision. It is alleged that the prepuce was stolen during the Sack of Rome, after which it was allegedly found in a prison cell of the German soldier involved in the sacking. Then, the prepuce was kept for centuries in the comune of Calcata until it was stolen again by a local priest 38 years ago.

    In Jewish tradition, the circumcision ceremony is called the brit milah, and according to the scriptures, a specially trained person called a mohel sucks blood from a wound on the baby’s penis with his mouth. Until now, many Jewish communities follow this ancient tradition.

    • Dr. Sinister Craven says:

      Jews are not vampires! Metzitzah b’peh is not in the Torah it’s in the Talmud. It was a way to clean the wound to prevent infection because they didn’t have any better medical method thousands of years ago. Almost nobody does it that way anymore, except a few Haredi Jews. Even if someone does it, now they can use a sterile glass tube which is safe.

      So it’s very few Jews that do it. How many Evangelical Christians refuse to get vaccinated? Millions!

    • I’ll consider adding Circumcision of Christ for next year.

      I admit my knowledge of Judaism is quite limited, not nearly to the level of Dr. C. I’ve read the Torah but not much of the Talmud, and have only attended synagogue a handful of times.

      Apparently the circumcision of Jesus is associated with January 1, which to me at first seemed odd because the eight days from birth would seem to be January 2. But then I remembered that the Jewish day traditionally begins at sundown (Dr. C. please correct me if I’m wrong). That’s why the three days from Jesus’ death to resurrection went from Friday to Sunday. By most modern reckoning, from Friday to Sunday would be two days. But by traditional reckoning, it would be three.

      Again, someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. Good to hear about your year. I find I struggle with end-of-year letters, but this year I realized a lot of it is because this is by far the busiest time of year in my astronomy work life given the long nights around solstice. Despite my own challenges with them, I’m always pleased to see what my friends have been up to.

    It’s been a pretty good year for me. I’m pleased to have released my novella, Breaking the Code, through eSpec Books, and to have written and published my first comic book, Guinevere and the Stranger, adapted from a chapter in my novel, Dragon’s Fall: Rise of the Scarlet Order Vampires.

  4. I am sorry to hear about the person you lost years ago. But at least you can now have closure.

    It was fun having part of one of my adolescent poems appear in your Elves book. And having a character based on you and I was fun as well and Herbie does not mind it. Especially as he has a character based on him! Blessed be!

  5. One of our posters at nicely pointed out that having comments in two different places for two different blog entries that overlap might be one too much. I can see the point.

    So if you want just post a comment at feel free to do so. Or just comment here. Or comment on both. Whatever works best for you!

  6. ADDITION: Please see addition to the letter above!

  7. Mindy Yuko says:

    Merry Christmas! Glad the baby came out OK! Happy New Year!

  8. King Donald says:

    Mary Christmas and don’t feed lawnmowers to cows!

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