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Preteen Space Force

All right, so the articles “Preteen” and “Donald Trump declares Space Force” are not connected.  Other than they’re both satire, both on Uncyclopedia, and both written by a member or associate of The Loveshade Family. “Preteen” by Miley Spears (with … Continue reading

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School Says Girls Can’t Say No

A Utah girl told her mother she couldn’t refuse if a boy asked her to dance at a Valentine’s Day event at her school. The mother complained to her Kanesville Elementary school principal because telling a sixth grade girl she … Continue reading

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Preteen Gag Order: Welcome to Corporate America

At the age of 10 and 7, two American children had their freedom of speech legally truncated. By an agreement made by their parents, Chris and Stephanie Hallowich, a Pennsylvania boy and girl apparently cannot talk about fracking, shale gas drilling, for the rest … Continue reading

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SevenSuperGirls Hits 250,000 Subscribers

Congratulations to our friends at SevenSuperGirls on getting their 250,000th subscriber! It’s the self-proclaimed “largest all-girls under 16 collaboration channel on YouTube.” Yes, we don’t usually mention things like this in our blog.  But if we didn’t, someone’s niece would … Continue reading

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