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I am a Witch so do I Sacrifice Animals like Azealia Banks?

Rapper and actress Azealia Banks is in the news right now because she said she’s a witch and apparently sacrifices chickens. She also apparently called the people of Brazil “third world freaks.” I am a witch. Do I sacrifice animals … Continue reading

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Lorien’s Hot Vacation Diary

I just updated my diary! I added my June vacation going to Texas with Mindy and Austra. I also posted some classics like getting my first boyfriend at age 13, a slumber party Becky and I had for our 14th birthdays, … Continue reading

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BISAC Says Wicca is a Religion

The Book Industry Study Group has finally moved Wicca into the Religion category! Before it was in the category Body, Mind & Spirituality/Witchcraft. So what’s the big deal? It’s a major step in recognizing Wicca as a genuine religion! The … Continue reading

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