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Red Alert--Terrorist Threat from Your Own Government?

You've probably heard by now that today, Thursday, 10 August 2006, British officials are taking credit for stopping a major terrorist plot to blow up several planes flying from London to America. If true, that's great. A number of lives may have been saved, and a spread of mass paranoia through America and Great Britain and other parts of the world may have been stopped. Or could this effort be used to spread paranoia?

Since the Department of Homeland Security was created in America after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack, it has been used as a tool to scare the American people. The citizens were told on more than one occasion that the level had been raised from yellow to orange. At first, it frightened people, which seemed to be its only purpose. What was the reason for alerting the American people to danger when they were told to "just go about your normal, everyday routine?" In other words, there's absolutely nothing you can do, but we want to scare you anyway. Why?

Because terror makes the citizens more accepting of threats to freedom from their own governments.

It's ironic that just last night I was talking to my friend Danacasso about how most Americans don't even know what alert level they're on. It seems like it's always yellow or orange, never green or red. We've gotten so used to the government crying wolf that we've ceased to listen.

Now, for the first time ever, the U. S. Government has raised it to red, the highest and most frightening level. Now, when the Bush Administration is losing popularity, when much of the current power base in Washington D.C. is under a threat from an election coming up in less than three months, now is the perfect time to scare America.

George Orwell talked about this technique in his book Nineteen Eighty-Four. The country was always at war, so there was always a threat from "out there." As long as the people were afraid of a threat from "out there," they wouldn't band together to fight the threat from their own government. The government really didn't want to win the war, because the constant threat kept the people afraid and subservient.

So do your elected officials really want to win the war on terror? Or would they prefer to have it continue indefinitely?

Here's a note to any government that wants to keep its people controlled (as if your government doesn't already know this). Terrified people do not want to be free, they want to be protected. If you can keep the people in a state of terror, you won't have to take away their freedom--they'll give it to you willingly.


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I saw a link to this on Wikiquote. You are totally right. No matter how government colours it, those in power are always a bigger threat to freedom than those who are fighting against those in power. Until they get in power, then look out.

Now they're talking about restricting all carry on luggage on flights. Like nobody ever carries things into stores or restaurants or businesses or schools or anywhere else and starts killing people. Its just the government using fear to control the people.

How can you say that? Our government is just trying to protect us! Of course people want to be protected when they're afraid! If not letting anybody take on carry on luggage will keep us all safe, if searches and x-rays will keep us safe, then I say do it. Nothing is more important than staying safe!

LittleRed we all want to be protected. We're afraid that terrorists are a danger to our freedom. But that's why we can't let the government take it away from us! If we work together and help each other, we can all be safer. And we can be freer too!

Hail Eris!

LittleRed, safety is an illusion. There is no safe place, nowhere on the planet, for anyone. All "safety" and "security" is, at best, temporary and conditional -- with no guarantees; meanwhile, the removal of your freedoms is intended to be permanent, no matter what those removing it may say. Those who take away power and freedom never give them back willingly, especially when they proceed to abuse the power they've taken.


I think Snarky is right. Everybody wants to be safe but really your not totally safe anywhere. But if your free then you make yourself safe!

I want to be free
To be Me
And To Be You
Whody Whody Who

Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

"Those who seek temporary safety at the cost of giving up freedoms, diserve neither saftey nor freedom."

Loosely rendered quote by Benjamin Franklin
Stay Free!

Through the miracle of technology, here he is: Threat Alert Jesus!!!!!!
Buy two and you get a free Bible! Wheee!!!!!

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