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The Loveshade Family Blog
We believe:

* In personism, accepting an individual as an individual
* In the responsibility of the individual to society
* In the rights of children to be raised with love and
discipline to prepare them for life
* In personal freedom if it harms no one
* In harmony, accepting differences in a spirit of love
Who we are:

We are a family and friends related not necessarily by
blood, but by ideals.  We support personal freedom
working in harmony with responsibility.  We are
personists, writers, artists, political activists,
philosophers, photographers, performers,  and clowns.
The Loveshade Family consists of Reverend Loveshade aka Rev. Loveshade, Lorien Loveshade, Alden Loveshade, aka Eldwin
Nightowl, Alien Loveshade aka BloodStar, Gamemaster Loveshade, and more.  We are very different people, but are all personists
and indvidualists, believing in the philosophy of personism or individualism, accepting an individual as an individual.